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ExploreGeo have generated several technical notes to assist clients understand field practices or geophysical processing features. These can be accessed by clicking the link beside each article 

  • Tech Note 1: Double Offset dipole-dipole IP field configuration explanation - View

  • Tech Note 2: IP field logistics in jungle areas - View

  • Tech Note 3: Double Offset pole-dipole IP field explanation - View

  • Tech Note 4: Effect of topography on the magnetic field - View

  • Tech Note 5: Comparison of multipole and single dipole size IP arrays for narrow vein targets - View

  • Tech Note 6: Forward modelling and inversion for IP survey design - Introduction - View

    • Appendix 1 - effect of Dip - View

    • Appendix 2 - efffect of Depth - View

  • Tech Note 7: Iterative gridding of irregularly spaced data - View

  • Tech Note 8: The effect of mesh size in 3D IP inversions - View

  • Tech Note 9: An explanation of the stacked spline filter implemented in DBaseO - View

  • Tech Note 10. Computing multipoles from a legacy dataset - View

  • Tech Note 11: The impact of geometry on IP survey design - View

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