The data QC and processing software used at ExploreGeo is written in house so that we get exactly what we want and at the same time have a good understanding of how it works. The software is designed and written by geophysicists for geophysicists. The ExploreGeo office uses Linux workstations so all the routines now run under both Linux (Ubuntu) and Windows. There is a strong focus on QC and processing rather than display of the data, something we find the Golden Software suite of tools do very well in Windows and QGis and Paraview do in Linux. There is a specialist software tool for each of the different methods we commonly use. These are all held together by a central database engine program DBaseO which handles operations which are generic to all methods.

Some of these software have been made commercially available. These include:

DbaseO:- The core database engine. Converts ASCII data to a binary format to allow for fast processing and recovery. Includes filtering, editing and gridding routines

GSGrid:- Grid based filtering and image processing package. Currently undergoing a major re-write to make ERMapper grids the default working grid

IPProc:- Loads data direct from common IP receivers and enables the user to QC, process and prepare the data for inversion. See workshop presentation on processing IP data using IPProc and DBaseO - Presentation on Processing IP data - Video Introducing IPProc

TEM95:- Does the same thing for TEM data. Includes the worlds fastest CDI. Video showing how to view EM data

Gravred:- Complete gravity reduction and processing package.

DH3Dmag: - Process down hole survey data to extract 3 component magnetic data.

UBCUtils:- Front end reformatter and mesh tool for UBC and John Paine’s mag and gravity inversion programs.

Vtools:- Adds the bits that are missing from Golden Software’s Voxler 3D display package and Paraview to interface with common mining and inversion formats.

There will be more detail on the above tools soon! In addition there are tools for ground magnetic processing, MMR, CSAMT and Seismic processing.

All software is available for trial as fully working run-time limited executables. There is also an extensive and growing library of how-to videos showing new users how to use the code.  Contact Kim @ this URL for details.

Click here to download the users manual.

Note for Linux users; We have migrated to Ubuntu Linux and all executables now have a Windows and a linux version. Note also that all Windows code runs just fine (and faster than under Windows) under WINE. Here's a screengrab from one of our Linux workstations running an fft with the linux version of GSGrid.

GSGrid on Ubuntu -Smokin!