Riaan Mouton   riaan at work


Riaan Mouton has been actively working as a geophysicist since 1998 where his career began conducting geophysical projects in Southern Africa and Australia focusing on base metal, iron ore, diamond, uranium, and gold exploration. In recent years Riaan broadened his experience in applied geophysics to include geotechnical engineering, hydrogeology and environmental geophysics applications.

He has a history of award winning accomplishments with combined experience spanning over both geophysics and medical physics. Having received two awards for work excellence and a career highlighted with consistent delivery of results in a diverse range of geophysical and radiation physics environments, you can be confident that you are in good hands for any geoscientific project you seek to carry out.

Riaan’s client base includes companies and people from different backgrounds and business environments including mining and production, geophysical contracting and consulting, mining exploration and even health service providers. He has developed and managed large projects for companies including Kumba Resources, Gold Fields, Phoenix Copper Limited, GroundProbe Pty Ltd, and Silver Lake Resources.

From January 2008, he expanded his expertise as a senior geophysicist in the service of GroundProbe Pty Ltd working on a number of large projects for clients including Golder Associates, Arup and Chevron.

He is currently involved in projects ranging from green-fields exploration, near-mine geophysics and geophysical applications in geotechnical engineering.

With a strong commitment to ongoing self development, training and education has always been an area of focus for Riaan. He has successfully contributed to the development and delivery of tailored training programmes, covering diverse and complex subject matter, both in medical physics and across the spectrum of geophysics. He has a key awareness of the importance of health, safety, environment and community obligations, and has been pivotal in the development of Safe Operating Procedures, engineered risk mitigation strategies including hardware and equipment operator safety modifications, and in the development of a variety of procedural manuals.

With extensive experience in radiation oncology physics he is well qualified to provide valuable input into radiation safety and radiation risk management. He is also a member of the Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists (ASEG) and has served as the President of the Western Australian branch of ASEG.